Monday, January 6, 2014

I've got a plan, man

Hello! Happy 2014!

I've decided that the ridiculous, self-imposed pressure I feel to write retroactive updates on the latter part of 2013 is preventing me from posting about anything since then. And that's just cheating my handful of readers (Hi, Aunt Alice!) out of many, many boring up updates on the Holty Lifestyle.

So . . . . eff that. Let's just pretend that I'm all caught up on everything so I can continue to spew onto this page about current happenings. Okay? Okay.

Most recently, our Christmas was just as jam-packed with social events, overindulgence and consumerism as anyone else's. But occasionally throughout December I would flit about acting as thought I was the only one who was busy. Why do I do that? WHY? So self-involved. Such a first-world, idiot to complain about how I overbought gifts for my spoiled kids for Christmas and NOW I HAVE TO WRAP ALL OF THEM. Nail me to the cross, baby!

Anyway, after the 50th heavy sigh and martyred act of a day Matt would talk me down and let me know that I was acting like an asshole, and I would adjust my attitude and immerse myself into the kind of holiday shit I love: crafts, baking, making neighbor gifts and decorating. (I'm not Mormon, I swear) I also fell into the cliche trap of the coordinated, holiday kid attire when I found $8 deals at Gymboree the week before Christmas. Gross, but so cute. Here's the Plaid Pair:

$16 of adorable, right there . . . 

And here's Lucy on Christmas Eve, singing and putting on lip balm like a boss:


Moving forward into 2014, things are going to get much busier for me because of some freelance PR work I'll be doing alongside all the stuff I signed up for at Patrick's school and Lucy's preschool, but you know what? I'm gonna keep things in perspective and try to maintain my cool. RESOLUTION TIME, BABY: When things get stressful, I won't be a martyr-y, middle-class, self-important asshole. (But in times of low-stress, that type of behavior is perfectly okay)

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jenkious said...

I can't tell you how much I love that "I'm an asshole" is a tag.