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March Recap. Yep, I'm that behind.

2013 has been busy for us. Too busy for words. Too busy for Holtywood. But I'm gonna work at it now. It's my only way to chronicle all we do! I don't scrapbook anymore (how did I ever have the patience for that, anyhow?). I don't even write in the kids' baby books the way I should. But hey, I guess it's better to be spending this precious time with them, rather than spending my time trying to chronicle every little thing. Right? Right. (Just tell me I'm right, okay?)

At least I've got pictures. Even though 50% are from my iPhone rather than our nice camera, I've still got 'em. Dammit. Let's start with March!

EARLY-MARCH: Paddy turned 6

Low key birthday for Paddy this year. Last year's party did me in. But he's still obsessed with Angry Birds, so . . . .

MID-MARCH: Midwest Invasion

In 2012, my uncle died suddenly. And I didn't see how anything good could come out of such a sad state of affairs. But after reconnecting with his daughter—my cousin Becki—during that tough time, we realized that we missed and loved each other and needed to get our families together. And after their visit to Salt Lake this spring, I realized that sometimes there really is a silver lining to the bad stuff.

A nicer bunch of kids we have not met. Mara, Riva and Connor were heroes to P and L and absolute sweethearts to us. Matt and I loved having a Becki and her husband Patrick (yep, that's right. We stole that name right out from under him!) to hang with. Matt and Pat even stole away for a Big Boys Ski Day. And yes, Matt did manage to injure himself. Thanks for asking. So hard to believe, right?

Anyway, we had too much fun with them: Museums, mountains, downtown, etc. But the part I'll remember the most is when I was driving the girls past East High School and offhandedly commented that that was where "High School Musical" was filmed.

{Oh, the shrieking. The teenage-girl-screaming that echoed in my ears will stay with me forever. And I giggle to myself every time I think about it.}

We of course pulled into the parking lot and took the tour. The students seemed used to it and a couple of the nice girls offered to take them to some key spots. The boys were really happy to have two hot little young numbers scurrying through their hallways. I was speed-walking behind them with Lucy, trying to run interference and let any "admirers" know that those two girls are ONLY 12 and 14 THANKYOUVERYMUCH. Mama Bear Holty was on alert.

Oh, and those girls taught me how to Instagram while they were here. So now you will occasionally have to put up with my square, stylized bullshit. SORRY.

The Daniels Crew: Becki, me and my dad
Connor and Maui were pals. I kinda wished that he would take that dog with him back to Minnesota.
No offense to Maui, but talk about high maintenance, good lord.

One night Matt and I took all the kids to dinner alone. This being Utah, I'm pretty sure that people though they were all ours. I gotta say, it was really nice to have more than 50% of my children resemble me. Damn blondies are cramping my style.

OMG. This car. The Green Machine, as we called it, was an upgrade(?) from the rental place. One day we took it to pick Patrick up from school and the kids on the playground thought it was "awesome" and the "best. car. ever". 

We were not familiar with Raffi songs before the kids bought Lucy the sing-a-long books of "Baby Beluga" and "Down By the Bay". Six months later, she still loves those books and sleeps with them almost every night.


Two years ago, Easter was on April 24, the day before I was induced with Lu. Here I am watching Patrick find eggs in the front yard:

Easter 2011- Mama carrying Lucy

This Easter? Nope. Not pregnant. I will never again be pregnant on Easter. Or any other holiday. Ever. EVER. Ahem . . . Anyway, have I mentioned that I love our neighborhood? It's family-oriented, inclusive and generally awesome. And those Mormons are expert organizers of group events such as the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter 2013 - Daddy carrying Lucy

Paddy and his bestie - being silly before the hunt

Lu was not into the "hunting" part. But she loved her $1 Target hat!

More Spring/Summer recaps on their way soon . . .

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