Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chatter: Double dose

Yesterday my friend Jen saved me. Not spiritually—Ha! If only you knew how much my soul needs to be saved!—but rather professionally.

I've been buried by a flood of unexpected work all week, staying up into the wee hours of the morning every day just to manage it all. Anyway, yesterday Patrick got off school early (damn public school half-days) and had been entertaining Lucy all afternoon while I squeezed in more work. By 3 o'clock he was over it. And then Jen offered to take him for a couple of hours to play with her kiddos.


I got my work done, Lucy played happily with crayons and scrap paper and Patrick got some bonding time with his BFF. Win. Win. Win.

Upon Patrick's return, he was full of energy and chattering away. Maybe I was just totally slap-happy from my sleepless week, but a couple of things he said within the first 10 minutes of his return sent me into ugly, snorting giggles. 

Patrick: Get away, dogs!
Me: What's the problem, man?
Patrick: They keep sniffing my legs! *sigh* I bet they smell Jen, Leif and Kess on me.
(Hey Jen, hate to break it to you, but apparently you and your children smell like dog!)

Me: So, I never asked you about school today, Paddy. How was it?
Patrick: Oh, it was good.
Me: Did you write in your journal in the morning?
Patrick: Yep. Oh, and guess what? Someone journaled about pee and poop!
Me: You're kidding. That is so gross!
Patrick: I know! Mr. Cook was noo-ooot impressed!

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Katherine said...

I love kindergarten.